Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dreaming of Shun

After ten years of use, my Henckels knives are worse for the wear. Our nightly cooking has worn them down to the point that they become dull after almost every use. David fears me whenever I wield one as I am always coming so close to cutting myself but the knives have been too dull to break the skin. I think that I am always cutting myself because my knives are so darn dull. I've been eyeing up Shun sets.
I really want the Shun Kaji 19 piece set.
However, the Shun Steel set is much more affordable.

As with any large purchase, I am going to have to noodle this.


  1. OOOhhhh. Nice! We have the Shun Classic. We started with a small set and add to it here and there. I really love the tomato knife. Its small serrated edge actually make it the perfect all-purpose knife!

  2. It's good to hear that someone we know has them and lives them! My Henckels are from the days when Henckels were still quality. I could probably take them in to be reworked a bit, but I really just want Shun!


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