Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Foodie Fights!

I recently learned about Foodie Fights! via an excellent cooking blog, The Food In My Beard. The husband and wife team reminds me of myself and David, chopping away while listening to the Arctic Monkeys. I've poured through TFIMB's recipes so much that I've begun to feel like a cyber-stalker.

Co-founded by TFIMB, Foodie Fights! (hello readers!) is a blog forum for all those crazy food bloggers out there to battle it out. Think Iron Chef. People submit their interest in participating, along with one ingredient (no proteins). Six bloggers (and two of their six submitted ingredients) are named to battle it out, each creating a single dish that incorporates both of the chosen ingredients.

When I found out that they were hosting their second fight, I signed up. Six bloggers were chosen, two ingredients were named. My ingredient (coriander) got picked. The other chosen ingredient is rhubarb, something that I have never eaten let alone cooked.

Rhubarb and coriander, you say? Mother smurfer, I'm in trouble.

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