Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Great Computer Crash of '09

Here's the tasty things that I had lined up that you will not be seeing:

Guatemalan black beans
White bean and tofu chili
Spicy white bean chicken soup
Halibut fish sticks

Thank you, Toshiba laptop, for dying a hard death only seven months after your purchase. I treated you well, kept you updated for viruses, never abused you with water or a fall. I really couldn't be more elated that you have chosen to die now that I have to pay the cost of a new Macbook to replace you. What did you do for me in those seven months? Nothing that is worth the $100 per month breakdown of your cost. You wooed me with your cheap price, $900 under the Macbook. Now I know your true cost because, somewhere in that Great Crashed Laptops home in the sky, you have all my photography and my iTunes library. Well-played, Toshiba, well-played.


  1. That sucks! Macbooks aren't without faults either though. In 3 years of ownership mine has had a hard drive crash and we're having to replace the battery, for the second time.

    We're HUGE fans of mozy, can't live without it. When my hard drive crashed I got all my files back, magically, via email. And, it's free up to a certain amount of storage.

  2. @BumblingBee: I'm definitely having a few learning curves with the MacBook. I'm actually kind of intimidated by the thing.

    David came home literally on the day you wrote this saying that he heard that most people are now moving to online storage.

    Are you backing up all files to Mozy? Do you keep some files backed up locally?


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