Friday, May 1, 2009

Foodie Fights! Update

Ouch, my brain hurts. I'm pretty sure it's from running endless rhubarb coriander combinations through my head only to keep mentally scratching them out. I was feeling pretty good about my final choice until I checked out the other contestants . My competition is serious (and have given me serious hankerings for Afghan dumplings, among other things).

You should go check them out because they are going to kick my novice rump all over the kitchen.

Aga Kitchen - you've gotta love any food blogger that cooks with quinoa.
The Arugula Files - must...make...dumplings.
Brake for Bread - has left my husband desperately wanting to improve his food photography skills.
Downsized! - eating to live, not living to eat...and encouraging others to do the same!
Elaine, the Gourmet Girl - two words, tequila caviar.


  1. Natalie, I am sure you will do well, Thanks for the props. Right back at you. Now I gotta get back to my 20# of rhubarb. Good luck, Gerry @ Agakitchen

  2. Gerry, you totally just threw the 20# of rhubarb in to intimidate me. I'm onto you. ;)

  3. All I know, is that I really want those curried potato dumplings. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. (Then I'm coming back to go through those Thailand posts - best trip).

  4. I have a headache too; it's overwhelming trying to narrow down a dish, but this is totally fun!

  5. We can't wait to try all the recipes from the other competitors!
    Louis says, be afraid. Be very afraid, J/K LOL


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