Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vote for Foodie Fights!

Remember to check out the Foodie Fights! competition and vote for the dish you'd most like to eat. My smoked coriander duck breasts with a rhubarb port wine reduction can be viewed here.
The other entries can be viewed from the Foodie Fights! main page. There's stiff competition...all dishes were unique and creative!


  1. I voted! But, I have to admit, the orange coriander ice cream looked pretty darn good.

    Did David do all your photos? They were terrific!

  2. OMG! The rhubarb pop tart that went with that ice cream looks amazing. The whole entry makes me kick myself for not buying an ice cream maker.

    David did do all the photos! He'll be happy to hear that you thought that they were great. He just started shooting in RAW recently and is working hard to beef up his skills.

  3. You are way too sweet. I just saw that you have my blog listed on the right under "blogs we frequent". I so love receiving your comments and appreciate your support. I wanted you to know that I'm a part of this week's foodie fight (thanks in large part to your previous entry in the battle rhubarb!). I heard about the first battle on twitter and signed up for a future one. When I read your entry about the second battle, I voted and applauded. So, I found myself stuck with cauliflower and raspberries this week... such a fun experience, although a bit daunting to locate the ingredients in Thailand! Take care.


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